Call, text or e-mail your request. Grocery Lists etc.

We will confirm your details

For more complex and ongoing services (seniors and away from home service), we can arrange a time to meet to discuss your requirements and details.

We will complete your errands in the time specified.

Payment upon delivery or by bank transfer.

Terms & Conditions

**Please read our Terms and Conditions before using this service**.

Out & About Errand Service will complete as many errands as quickly and efficiently as possible in the time specified.

While we will do everything possible to ensure the safety & welfare of our clients and their property we take no responsibility for any unforseen events that may occur.

We respect your privacy and all of your information is strictly confidential.

We do not supply any medical or legal advice.

We will refuse any requests we feel dangerous, illegal or unethical.

We are a registered business with current abn, police checks and all necessary insurances in place.