A valuable service for our senior clients. Many are housebound as they are no longer able to drive, recovering from illness or injury or are unwell.  Our clients look forward to our visits and feel they have regained some independance as they don’t need to call on family members and friends for assistance as often.

This service allows family members to free up valuable time and gain peace of mind during the times they can’t be there.

This service is also used by new mums and anyone unable to drive after surgery.

Service Includes:

Pick Up & Delivery of:

  • Groceries - Takeaway meals - Prescriptions & Chemist items - Mail & Parcels
  • Dry cleaning, Washing & Ironing - Coffee & Lunch - Clothes, shoes and watch repairs
  • Flowers & Balloons - Lay-Buys & pre-ordered items - Mobile phone – Check balance & recharge
  • Banking & Bill Payments - Newspapers & Magazines - Keys cut - Photocopying - Personal Shopping

We Also Assist With:

  • General house keeping - Spring Cleaning - Cleaning wardrobes & cupboards
  • Taking unwanted items to Salvation Army - Housecleaning - Paperwork
  • Phone calls & completing forms - Paper shredding - Shopping and appointments.
  • De-cluttering - Accompany & Assistance with appointments
  • Making or checking appointments -  Phone enquiries - Companionship

If we can help you with something that is not listed please contact us.